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Our doves are born from slow leavening and from sourdough, in accordance with the best pastry-making knowledge of the land of Sicily. A land that enriches this line of products with ingredients such as pistachio and Modica PGI chocolate.

Gift boxes

A real explosion of flavours, aromas and colours characterizes our gifts, designed and created one by one so as to combine our delicacies in an original and refined way. A welcome gift that knows how to make an impression.


Slow leavening and natural yeast make soft our panettone which come from the Sicilian pastry tradition and enhance its ingredients such as Modica chocolate, Sicilian candied orange, Sicilian pistachio, Marsala DOC wine.

Marmalades, jams and preserves

Delicious specialties processed according to the Sicilian methods, as it once was. Proposed in fine glass jars that preserve in all their delicacy Citrus marmalades, fig and black mulberry extra jams, Pistachio spreadable cream and pesto.


Modica Chocolate: the name is enough to guarantee the unique and grainy taste of a Sicilian product protected by the IGP (PGI: Protected Geographical Indication). It is made with the historical cold process and is proposed in various versions.

Nougat, bite-size nougats and almond cookies

The Sicilian confectionery art enhances our line of soft nougats and assorted mini nougats, which feature almonds and pistachios along with white or dark chocolate. Almond cookies are born from the classic Sicilian recipe.